Dobby the House-Elf

Dobby the House-Elf is a character from Year Two: Chamber of Secrets. He works for Lucius Malfoy, but stands on the good side. He wants to stop Harry's return to Hogwarts, because he will be in great danger then.


Dobby appears in the first intro of the first level in Year Two, 'Floo Powder'. He tries to get all Harry's schoolbooks in the trash can. Then Harry finds the letters of his friends, Ron Weasley and Hermoine Granger. He chases him, but when they arive in the living room of the house. He hits Mrs. Mason with a pudding, and Harry's uncle, Vernon Dursley gives him detention. Dobby disapears.

Later, when Harry and Ron trying to get to Platform 9 8/4, Dobby stops this by lock the gate. But Harry and Ron fly with the Flying Fort Anglia to Hogwarts.

Later in 'Dobby's Plan' he jinxed a Bludger, to show Harry that Hogwarts can be dangerous. He appears in this level as a Boss that must be defeated by Ron, Hermoine and Hagrid. He will hide himself, wich is easy to reconize clutter objects. If he is hit four times by Reducto, Dobby will reports and fainting, but escape when Ron, Hermoine and Hagrid ran to Harry to see if he's still alive.

Then Dobby don't appear a whole time, but then, after the Basilisk is defeated, Lucius Malfoy - with his House-Elf - will ask Albus Dumbledore why he's still at Hogwarts. Then Dumbledore will show Tom Riddle's Diary, followed by Lucius who feels caught himself, greets Dumbledore and goes. Harry goes after him, after doing his sock in the Diary. He gives Lucius the Diary. Lucius gives the Diary to Dobby. Dobby opens it, and finds a sock in the Diary. After that Lucius isn't his master anymore. Dobby jinxes him, followed by a Lucius Malfoy in his underwear. Harry and Dobby laugh, and Lucius goes away.


Year Two: Chamber of Secrets

Floo Powder (intro and outro)

Dobby's Plan (as a boss)

The Basilisk (outro)


Dobby in the DS versionEdit

In the DS version of Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4, Dobby appears only to lock Platform 9 8/4 and when Harry rescues him from Lucius. As a playable character, he can activate Plinths.

Differences from role in Books and MoviesEdit

- In the game, Hermoine finds out that Dobby jinxed a Bludger. In the books and movies of Harry Potter, Dobby tells Harry when he is in the Hospital Wing.

- When a Wizard gets a House-Elf in the game, he may the House-Elf to draw him an invisilbe rope. In the books and films, this isn't.