Griphook, Harry and Hagrid

Griphook met Harry and Hagrid at Gringrotts.


Griphook is the only Goblin, out of 167 characters, aviable in the console versions of the game. He is an employee at Gringrotts Wizarding Bank, where he guides the guests to their vaults. When he not has to work, he is busy at a draft of a house.


When Harry Potter and Hagrid visit the Diagon Alley, they go first to Gringrotts. There is Griphook busy with his painting, but when coughs, he looks up. Then he is the third playable character of the game. When they go in the dungeons of the bank, they go to Vault 687, Harry vault. After that, he has to pick up the Philosophers Stone from Vault 713, after opening the previous vault, Vault 712, a Goblin-Disco-Vault in Harry Potter-theme.

After this level, Gringrotts is the whole game omitted, and only playable to open the Bonus Levels in Gringrotts, and when you use Polyjuice Potion to turn into him to open Goblin Chests to get Studs or Character Tokens.


Year One: Philosophers Stone

The Magic Begins


In Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 (DS-version), Griphook can activate Plinths and is seen in the missions 'The Magic Begins' and 'Shopping in Diagon Alley'. In 'Gringrotts Vaults' and in freeplay mode, he is playable.